We touch our noses more than 100 times per day and the nose is one of the few body openings where bacteria, viruses and fungi have direct access to get inside the body. The nasal passages are important for filtering the air that we breathe in and stopping tiny foreign particles or microorganisms from entering the body. The nose and nasal passages are, or can be, the perfect environment for pathogens, good or bad. 

Steriwave gets rid of the pathogens in your nose that cause infection and has been used to eliminate many bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can cause serious infections. Steriwave has successfully eliminated and/or reduced the viral load of pathogens in the noses of more than 114,000 people treated and has reduced hospital infection rates by up to 84%.

The process of removing or reducing germs in the nose is called “nasal decolonization”. Nasal decolonization has been shown to reduce the risk of infection especially among high-risk patients including the immunocompromised, those undergoing surgical procedures, ICU patients and those requiring long-term and frequent healthcare services (e.g., nursing homes, dialysis). Cleaning the nose of germs is part of an excellent infection control practice along with frequent hand-washing, skin prep before surgery, good oral hygiene, and ensuring a clean living environment.

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About Ondine Biomedical

Ondine Biomedical is a Canadian biotech company that has developed the greatest scientific advance in the fight against the SARS-COV-2. The company's lead treatment, which has been in use for the past 11 years as the standard of care at 1 of the 3 largest healthcare institutions in Canada, has safely treated over 60,000 people with no adverse consequences.


During in-vitro trials, Ondine Biomedical successfully confirmed that Steriwave Treatment was effective in completely killing the Coronavirus, and equally and highly importantly has also been confirmed to destroy the N gene - the genetic material of the Coronavirus that causes it to be so deadly by allowing it to attach to the ACE2 receptors of cells.


These findings confirm that Ondine Biomedical's Steriwave treatment is the single greatest advance in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and is now the only anti-viral upper respiratory tract preventative treatment in the world that slows the transmission of the Coronavirus.

Is Steriwave Treatment Right For You?

Steriwave treatments are an ideal protection for individuals whose careers, health needs, or personal lives require an added layer of safety. This can include the following:

  • Anyone who works in close contact with other people

  • Anyone who been in crowed locations due to work or travel

  • Anyone who has been in close proximity to people who have been exposed to large crowds

  • Anyone who has been in a clinical environment (e.g., dental appointment)

  • Anyone who has undergone or is planning to undergo a medical procedure

  • Anyone who works in a medical or health related field

  • Anyone who comes into contact with high risk individuals due to health concerns or living environment (e.g,., individuals with compromised immune systems)

  • Anyone who has a family member in a retirement or long-term care facility

What to Expect

Steriwave is not painful or uncomfortable. Some people experience a mild tingling or tickling sensation and, while the red light is on, you may feel a slight sense of warmth. These are all normal. Treatment ceases once the light turns off.


Steriwave has been used in Canadian hospitals and clinics in over 100,000 applications in the course of the past 11 years. No significant adverse events have been reported. Do not use Steriwave if you are allergic to Methylene Blue or Chlorhexdine or you have nasal anatomical defects which prevent easy access to the nostrils.


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