Breathe Easy Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 PCR Testing and Rapid Antigen Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Rapid Antigen and PCR Tests Covid-19 tests Health Canada approved?


Can I book an appointment over the phone?

No, please book your appointments online. You can do so through our online booking portal:

How fast will I get my results?

Rapid Antigen Test = 15 minutes RT-PCR *Express* = 4 hours (only appointments booked before noon will recieve their results in 4 hours) RT-PCR Test = 10 hours

Are the tests valid for travel to every country?

We offer RT-PCR and Q PCR test, but we encourage all to consult and visit Travel Canada or your airline’s website for more information prior to your trip.

How much does it cost?

Rapid Antigen Test = $80 + HST Express RT-PCR test = $150 + HST RT-PCR test = $120 + HST

In what format will I receive my results?

All test results will be provided in PDF format.

Where is the Breathe Easy clinic located?

369 Eglinton Ave. West Toronto, ON M5N 1A3

Do your perform tests on children under 12 years old?


Is there any evidence that Steriwave technology could be successful in killing or reducing the viral load of COVID-19 in the nose ?

Two studies have ben conducted. One from Germany and one from Spain, which discuss Steriwave's effects on COVID-19 and how it could be used in the fight against the pandemic. These studies are available by request. You may also stay up-to-date with further studies and additional ongoing research at Ondine's website: Please contact us at for more information.

Steriwave Treatment Clinical FAQ's 

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