Breathe Easy provides you with the only nasal tract protection available as well as COVID-19 PCR Tests for travel & Rapid Tests for travel

Protection Clinic

Providing you with the only nasal tract protection available as well as PCR Tests & Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19

RT-PCR Tests

Breathe Easy RT-PCR Testing

The most rapid PCR Test in Toronto. Health Canada Approved.

Valid for international travel, 

return to work, peace of mind

4-Hour Results $150

10-Hour Results $120 

Rapid Tests

Breathe Easy Antigen Test

Accepted for travel to some destinations. 

Results in 15 minutes.

Rapid Antigen Test $80


Breathe Easy Steriwave Nasal Photodisinfection

Photodisinfection that kills all pathogens (bacterial, viral,

fungal) in the nose & upper respiratory tract.

Steriwave Photodisinfection $100

Corporate Services

Breathe Easy Corporate Services

Ensure you have a plan in place so your employees can remain as safe as possible.

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About Us

Breathe Easy is an infection prevention clinic. We treat our patient clientele with Ondine Biomedical's Steriwave treatment to safely, effectively and quickly destroy pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the nose in just minutes.

Breathe Easy brings safe and accessible prevention treatments to individuals who require peace of mind in both their professional and personal lives. 

Breathe Easy is now also offering RT-PCR tests and Rapid Antigen tests for COVID-19 approved for travel, return to work, or just simple peace of mind. 

About Steriwave Treatment

Steriwave is a broad-spectrum, antimicrobial solution providing targeted decolonization safely, effectively, & quickly.

  • Kills all pathogens - bacterial, viral, fungal

  • Non-resistance forming

  • 5-minute, painless treatment 

  • High compliance, clinician administered

  • Health Canada-approved

  • Suitable for repetitive use (i.e., healthcare workers, essential workers, frequent hospital visitors, long-term care facilities, outpatients, etc.)

Reduce Incidence of Transmission & Infections with Photodisinfection

Photodisinfection Rapidly Kills Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungi In The Nose

Reduce Germs,

Reduce Infection

 The Steriwave Treatment has been incontrovertibly proven to be safe, after 60,000 patients at Vancouver General Hospital, Canada's third-largest hospital, have been treated over the past 11 years with no adverse consequences. The Steriwave Treatment has regulatory approval in Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. 

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